10W Windmill Motor Single Phase AC Motor

Product Details

Brand Name: Liming motor
Product Name: Windmill Motor
Other name:Wind election machine motor, bellows motor
Model Number: YYHS-40
Phase: Single-phase
AC Voltage: 110v,220v
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Output Power: 10w
Speed: 500
Protect Feature: IP40
Certification: CCC,CE
Color: Yellow
Housing: Cold plate stretching
Wire: All copper wire
Bearing: Ball bearing
Application: Farmers use to screen food utensils
Place of Origin: Shengzhou, Zhejiang, China


Usage: Windmill Motor
Name: 45w Single Phase Asynchronous Ball Bearing Windmill Fan Motor

10W Windmill Motor Single Phase AC Motor Details



Product  advantages

1.Smooth running
2.Long work times and Low temperature
3.Low noise
4.Steady performance
6.Short Delivery time
7.Long life, low noise
8.High efficiency, high reliability


Required Data For Customizing

We can supply the electrical installation dimensions and other details according to your requirements.

1-Shaft diameter or length

2-Stator height can be any from 10mm to 50mm

3-Mounting holes size and distance

4-Brackets can be either metal or aluminum. Its height can be changed.

5-Motor rotation direction can be CW or CCW.

6-We can provide a copper wire, aluminumwire or copper-coated aluminum material kernel.

7-The material of the end caps

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