Why is it so important to measure a variable frequency motor and its variable frequency system?

Update:07 Sep 2020

Reasons for measuring variable-frequency speed-regulati […]

Reasons for measuring variable-frequency speed-regulating motors and their variable-frequency systems

Mainly because of the large number of motor systems in the daily production of the factory, and its safe operation is essential to the normal production of the factory. And the electric power consumption of the motor system accounts for 60%-70% of the total power consumption of the factory, which is one of the important sources of cost saving for the factory.

The frequency conversion motor system is more complicated. Once a failure occurs, it will cause major losses in production, and it is difficult to find the root cause with ordinary instruments.

If the DC voltage is too low for the intermediate circuit of the variable frequency speed motor drive, the drive may trip. The low voltage may be caused by the low voltage of the input power supply or the distortion of the input voltage (caused by flat top).

The AC voltage ripple function is used to detect rapid fluctuations and AC components on the DC bus. Slight ripple is visible, depending on the load. If the ripple peaks have different repetition levels, one of the rectifiers may malfunction. Ripple voltages exceeding 40 V may be caused by a capacitor failure, or the drive rating is too low for the connected motor and load.