What to do if the oil pressure of the motor is not adjusted properly?

Update:20 Dec 2019

Motor oil pressure too high or too low will result in p […]

Motor oil pressure too high or too low will result in poor oil return. The oil pressure is too low, which causes the oil to stay in the oil chamber for too long, which causes the temperature to rise during the operation of the shaft, which causes oil mist to cause the pressure to be too high; if the oil pressure is too high, the oil return capacity is insufficient and the oil chamber The medium oil storage is too large, and the oil level is too high to increase the internal pressure.

Solution: Adjust the compulsory lubrication pressure to 0.1 ~ 0.8MPa, so that the oil surface of the oil chamber is in the position of 1/2 ~ 1/3 of the sight glass, and it is appropriate to keep the oil return unobstructed.

Impurities in the oil return line or inadequate cleaning in the pipeline will cause the filter to be blocked, resulting in poor oil return.

Solution: The oil chamber outlet of the oil return pipe should be on the same level as the oil inlet. The entire oil return pipe is inclined to the oil return tank at 15 °, so that the oil return pipe will return oil naturally. At the same time, the filter and the entire lubricating oil line should be cleaned regularly.

Due to long-term friction between the contact surface of the floating palace and the shaft, the abrasion is serious, which causes the gap between the floating palace and the shaft to be too large. The elastic coefficient of the fixed spring of the floating palace changes, which loosens the seal of the floating palace and causes the gap to increase. Solution: Periodic inspection and timely replacement.