What measures can effectively prevent the transmission of Motor?

Update:29 Nov 2019

The motor running state monitoring and fault diagnosis […]

The motor running state monitoring and fault diagnosis technology can effectively prevent the occurrence of motor failures, which not only reduces equipment and personal injuries, but also reduces component losses, creating conditions for energy conservation and consumption reduction, and at the same time ensuring a balanced production organization. Improving the operating rate, obtaining huge economic benefits, and also improving the level of automatic control of the motor.


At present, the motor running state monitoring and fault diagnosis technology has become the main component of the efficient operation of the motor, so it is of great significance to study the online monitoring device of the motor running state. Motor equipment generally has strong work continuity and high safety and reliability requirements. During routine maintenance and installation and debugging, it is often encountered that the motor cannot run reliably due to the movement of the motor shaft. Therefore, on-line monitoring of the motor shaft movement is an important indicator for monitoring the running status of the motor.


Because there are many reasons for the motor shaft to move, it is difficult to judge the running state of the motor shaft comprehensively and accurately based on the original method of hearing and hand touching. Adopt advanced on-line monitoring technology of motor shaft movement. By grasping the motor shaft's running status in a certain period and analyzing it, it is helpful for motor maintenance personnel to prepare to stop and repair the motor under the most suitable conditions, thereby ensuring The repair quality of the motor also reduces losses.