What items should be checked for motor wiring and what requirements does the wiring meet?

Update:01 Jun 2020

  The items that the motor wiring should be checke […]


The items that the motor wiring should be checked and the requirements reached by the wiring are as follows: (that is, the precautions to be taken when two motor wiring events occur) 1. Mark clearly and easily distinguish when removing the wire. If there are marks in the junction box, they should be wiped clean and re-made.

2. Check whether the porcelain bottle of the motor terminal is damaged, loose or cracked.

3. Check whether the nose of the three-phase outgoing wire of the motor is tight, whether the welding is firm, whether there is friction between the outgoing wire and the chassis.

4. Whether the tightening bolts of the junction box, the tightening bolts of the connecting porcelain bottle, and the tightening bolts of the lead wires are tightened.

5. The nuts and washers on the motor terminal must meet the specifications, without rust, corrosion, etc., otherwise replace.

6. The lead wires in the junction box should not overlap, be as hard as possible, or be bent too much.

7. Wait until the motor finds the center before wiring.

8. There should be no coal dust or dust in the motor junction box. The junction box should be opened regularly for inspection and cleaning.
9. Check whether the nose of the cable is bent, flat, or discolored.

10. The cable head and the terminal post gasket should be smooth, the contact should be close without gap, and the nut should be tightened.
11. There should be no stress between the cable head and the terminal.

12. After connecting the high-voltage motor and checking again to make sure that it is correct, follow the inside to the outside; the yellow wax cloth-hue belt-waterproof self-adhesive tape is wrapped and compressed, tightened, and sealed.

13. The cable from the snake skin tube to the cable junction box must be wrapped up to prevent injury, and the cable and junction box must be fixed.

14. The junction box must have rain-proof measures.

15. To prevent accidents caused by cable damage (in particular, the aluminum core cable must be carefully checked at the interface of the snake skin tube, to prevent the lack of phase or short circuit caused by too many bending of the aluminum wire, virtual connection, etc.), carefully before wiring Check whether the cable is damaged, wrapped well, and connect after shaking insulation is qualified. The aluminum core wire close to the condition is best replaced with a copper cable (such as the motor of the slag crusher, the motor of the electric control oil pump, etc.)

16. After the wiring is completed, all the inlets of the junction box should be completely blocked to prevent the short blockage caused by small animals short circuit or intrusion of too much powder to cause the cable hair to catch fire or short circuit.