What is the significance of daily inspection and maintenance of the motor and how to maintain it?

Update:06 Jul 2020

Whether our mechanical equipment can work normally, a v […]

Whether our mechanical equipment can work normally, a very important part is whether the motor can run normally. Therefore, motor maintenance is also very important. Many people do not pay attention to maintenance or do not know how to maintain it. When there is a problem with the motor, the motor can only be repaired. Repairing will cost money and delay work. I regretted not doing good maintenance before. Maintenance is also a university question.

At ordinary times, the maintenance of liming motor should pay attention to: keep the motor clean and free of dust; often check the appearance of the motor to see if there are any parts misalignment; often check the bearing for replacement or refueling, and also check the inlet terminal.

If careful maintenance is required, and the motor is running continuously, daily maintenance is very important: when the motor is working, pay attention to the working environment and do not be in a too bumpy state to prevent the motor from being damaged or reducing the service life. . Also conduct visual inspection, whether the fan is working properly, whether there is abnormal vibration, whether the coupling connection is reliable, whether the base is fastened, whether the bearing is working properly (listening to sound), whether the temperature is normal (infrared thermometer), and whether the current is Normal (clamp-type ammeter), in addition, the winding motor must also check the carbon brush and slip ring. If there is an abnormality in a certain area, it is necessary to quickly repair the motor, otherwise, you cannot handle it after the situation becomes serious.