What is included in the inspection of the motor protection system?

Update:29 Jun 2020

The inspection of the motor protection system mainly in […]

The inspection of the motor protection system mainly includes the overcurrent setting of various overcurrent protection devices; the correct action of fast fuses and fast switches various overvoltage protection facilities (such as lightning arresters, surge overvoltage suppressors, repeated overvoltage resistance-capacitance absorption Device, etc.), the normal operation of the protective equipment (such as wind speed, flow, water pressure, etc.) of the cooling system of the device, the correct setting of the grounding device and switch for safe operation, and the coordination of various protection devices.

Due to the many forms of converter protection systems, it is impossible to propose a general inspection rule. The general requirement is that the inspection of the protection system should be carried out as far as possible without subjecting the components of the converter to shocks exceeding their rated values. The inspection of the protection system during the factory test does not include those devices that will be permanently damaged during operation (such as fuses). Therefore, the two tests of DC side short-circuit protection inspection and AC side short-circuit protection inspection specified in the overcurrent protection inspection unless there are Special regulations are not mandatory. The inspection of the overcurrent protection device performance of the entire converter system can be carried out according to the provisions of product technical conditions. The protection performance of the fuse can only be agreed by the supplier and the buyer when it is deemed necessary, and carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations.