What is a brush motor?

Update:12 Apr 2018

Answer: When the motor is working, the coil and commuta […]

Answer: When the motor is working, the coil and commutator rotate, and the magnet and carbon brush do not turn. The alternation of coil current direction is accomplished by the commutator and brush that rotates with the motor. Brush motors in the electric vehicle industry are divided into high-speed brushed motors and low-speed brushed motors. There are many differences between brushed and brushless motors. It can be seen from the word that brushed motors have carbon brushes and brushless motors do not have carbon brushes.

★ What is a low speed brush motor? What are the characteristics?
A: In the electric vehicle industry, low-speed brush motors refer to hub-type low-speed high-torque gearless brushed DC motors. The relative speed of the motor stator and rotor is the rotational speed of the wheels. The magnets on the stator are 5-7 pairs, and the number of slots for the rotor armature is 39-57. Since the armature winding is fixed in the wheel housing, heat is easily dissipated by the rotating housing. The rotating shell is woven with 36 spokes, which is more conducive to heat conduction. Technical training for micro signal is worth your attention!

★ Brushed toothed motor features?

Answer: Because there are brushes in the brush motor, the main hidden danger is “brush wear”. Users should notice that the brush motor is divided into toothed and toothless. At present, many manufacturers use brushed toothed motor, which is a high-speed motor, the so-called "toothed" is through the gear reduction mechanism, the motor speed is reduced (because the national standard specifies the speed of electric vehicles shall not exceed 20 kilometers, so the motor speed should be 170 revolutions per minute or so). As the high-speed motor is decelerated by gears, its characteristic is that the rider feels powerful when starting and has strong climbing ability. However, the electric wheel hub is closed, but the lubricant is added before leaving the factory. It is difficult for the user to carry out daily maintenance, and the gear itself is also mechanically worn. One year or so, due to insufficient lubrication, the gear wear is increased, the noise is increased, and the current is also used. Increases, affects motor and battery life.

★ What is a brushless motor?

Because the controller provides direct current in different current directions, the alternating direction of the coil current in the motor is achieved. There is no brush or commutator between the rotor and the stator of the brushless motor.

★How to realize motor commutation?

Answer: When the brushless or brushed motor rotates, the energizing direction of the coil in the motor needs to be alternately changed so as to achieve continuous rotation of the motor. The commutation of the brush motor is accomplished by a commutator and a brush together, and the brushless motor is completed by the controller.

★What is the missing phase?

Answer: In the three-phase circuit of brushless motor or brushless controller, one phase cannot work. The missing phase divides the main phase phase loss and Hall phase loss. The performance is that the motor shake can not work, or the rotation is weak and the noise is large. The controller is very easy to burn in the absence of phase.