What inspections are needed for the motor bearing assembly?

Update:28 Feb 2020

  1 No oil leakage is allowed, because grease or o […]


1 No oil leakage is allowed, because grease or oil may splash onto the coil, which affects the conductive performance and damages the insulation.

2 Pay attention to the running condition of the bearing. The bearing should run evenly. When abnormal sound is found, it should be stopped for inspection in time.

3) Take grease or oil samples regularly for inspection. If the color is dark and contains water or impurities, the bearings should be replaced with grease or oil when it becomes dirty or becomes hot. When changing grease or oil, the bearings or bearing pads and journals should be cleaned with gasoline and wiped dry.

4 The time for changing the grease of the rolling bearing is according to the specification of the oiling plate nailed on the machine base. You can change the grease without stopping, add it from the oil cup with a grease injector, and take out the waste oil using a drain pipe.
5 The inner and outer rings of rolling bearings should be tightened and not allowed to loosen under normal circumstances. If it is found that the outer ring of the bearing is rotating in the bearing chamber or the inner ring of the bearing is rotating on the shaft, it shall be repaired immediately. The rotation of the outer ring is caused by the loosening of the bolts that fasten the bearing cover, the rotation of the inner ring is caused by the loosening of the stop screw on the labyrinth ring or the oil pan, or the looseness of the lock round nut, if serious damage is found , You must replace the bearing and shaft or bearing and end cover, bearing sleeve.

6 Check the seals and gaskets for signs of wear, burnout, aging, deterioration, etc., if any, must be replaced to ensure a good seal of the entire bearing device. The surface of the felt gaskets should be coated with grease or oil to avoid Worn and burned.

7 When preparing to use a motor that has not been used for a long time, the rolling bearings must be cleaned with gasoline and then filled with 0.5 ~ 0.7 cavity grease in the bearing chamber. Excessive grease will not only cause oil leakage, but the bearing will overheat during work, causing the grease to decompose. After the bearing is filled with grease, the rotor of the motor should be easily pulled by hand.