What are the types of DC special motors

Update:15 Jun 2021

The types of DC special motors are as follows: DC speci […]

The types of DC special motors are as follows: DC special motors refer to the general name of the soft starter drive motors. DC special speed regulation is currently in progress due to its high efficiency, wide range of speed regulation, high precision, stable speed regulation, and infinitely variable speed. Replace the traditional mechanical equipment speed regulation and direct current speed regulation plan at a rapid rate. Common DC special motors include: three-phase multi-threaded motors, DC brushed motors, communication AC brushed motors, and power switch reluctance motors.

1. Three-phase multi-threaded motor  

The three-phase communication AC motor, the three-phase oil pump motor in the stator winding causes an electromagnetic oscillation on the stator gap circle. The speed ratio of this electromagnetic oscillation is called the same speed ratio, which is recorded as n. The specific motor speed ratio n is less than the same. Therefore, it is generally called a three-phase multi-threaded motor. From the basic principle, everyone can understand that the speed ratio of a three-phase multi-threaded motor is proportional to the frequency of the stator switching power supply. DC special speed regulation is to change the frequency of the motor stator switching power supply, and then change the speed regulation method of the same speed ratio. With the rapid development of electronic information technology, the use of DC special speed regulating three-phase communication and AC multi-threaded motors has become more and more common. It has gradually replaced other various speed regulating motors, and DC special speed regulating three-phase multi-threaded motors Motors are widely used in industrial production because of their simple structure, convenient manufacturing, easy maintenance, excellent characteristics, and reliable operation.

2. DC brush motor motor  

Brushed motor DC motors use semiconductor material power switch components to complete the commutation of electronic devices, that is, use switching components to replace the traditional capacitive grid motor rotor and carbon brushes. It has the advantages of high reliability, no commutation flame, and poor mechanical equipment noise. It is widely used in high-end audio bases, camcorders, instruments and automation technology office supplies. Brushed motor DC motor is composed of permanent magnet material motor rotor, multi-pole winding stator, phase sensor and so on. The position sensing technology commutation of the current of the stator winding in a certain sequence according to the change of the rotor position of the motor. The working standard voltage of the stator winding is displayed by the electronic device circuit operated by the phase sensor output.

3. Power switch reluctance motor  

The power switch reluctance water pump motor is a new type of stepless speed regulation motor that appears with the development trend of modern power electronic information technology, control system and data electronic information technology. It is a typical mechatronics product. Because the basic principle of minimum reluctance is used, it is called reluctance motor, and because the electromagnetic coil is cut off and the magnetic flux is immediately controlled by the power switch, it is called power switch reluctance motor. The power switch reluctance speed control motor has excellent speed control characteristics and high-speed operation characteristics, and combines the advantages of a DC drive system and a general communication AC drive system. It is gradually being used in electrical products, general industrial production, servo motors and speed control system software , Traction belt motors, high-speed motors, aerospace equipment and car auxiliary machinery and equipment, etc., have become powerful competitors for communication AC motor speed control system software, DC motor speed control system software and brushed motor DC motor speed control system software .