What are the requirements for the storage and lifting of the motor?

Update:08 Jun 2020

  The performance of the motor should meet the req […]


The performance of the motor should meet the requirements of the working environment around the liming motor.

The location, size and quality of the foundation of the liming motor, anchor bolt holes, channels, holes, embedded parts and cable ducts shall comply with the relevant provisions of the design and the national current construction engineering construction and acceptance specifications.

After the motor arrives on site, the visual inspection should meet the following requirements:

1. Taichuang motor should be intact, and there should be no damage.

2. The stator and rotor motors are shipped in separate boxes, the iron core, rotor and journal should be complete and free of rust.

3. The accessories and spare parts of Taichuang Motor should be complete without damage.

The motor and its accessories should be stored in a clean, dry warehouse or factory building; when the conditions do not allow, it can be stored on site, but there should be measures such as fire prevention, moisture resistance, dust prevention and the prevention of small animals from entering.

It is required to turn the rotor regularly.

When lifting the motor rotor, the sling should not be tied to the slip ring, commutator or journal part. When lifting the stator and wearing the rotor, the stator winding or iron core must not be damaged.