What are the reasons for the vibration of the frequency conversion speed control motor?

Update:17 Aug 2020

Causes of vibration of variable frequency speed motor T […]

Causes of vibration of variable frequency speed motor

There are many factors that cause the vibration of variable frequency motors, such as rotor balance problems, bearing lubrication problems, electromagnetic scheme problems, electrical failure problems, installation and connection problems, and so on.

According to the experience of Shandong Shenghua Variable-frequency Motor Factory, the common cause of vibration of variable-frequency motor is mostly in the mechanical failure of the variable-frequency motor.

1. During the operation of the variable frequency motor, the bearing clearance is too large due to long-term wear. Grease should be filled and replaced periodically, and new bearings should be replaced if necessary.

2. The rotor is unbalanced; this kind of problem is rare. The dynamic balance problem has been solved when the motor leaves the factory. However, if the balance sheet fixed during the rotor dynamic balancing process becomes loose or falls off, obvious vibration will occur, which is serious. It will cause damage to the sweep bore and winding.

3. Deflection of the rotating shaft. This problem is more common for rotors with short iron cores, large diameters, extra long shafts, and high speeds. This is also a problem that the design process should try to avoid.

4. The core is deformed or press-fitted. This problem can generally be found in the factory test of the motor. In most cases, the friction sound similar to the sound of insulating paper appears during the operation of the motor, which is mainly caused by the loosening of the iron core and the poor dipping effect.

5. Caused by unbalanced fans. Theoretically, as long as the fan itself has no defects, there will be no major problems, but the fan has not been statically balanced, and the motor has not undergone the final vibration inspection test when it leaves the factory. There may be problems when the motor is running; another The situation is that when the motor is running, the fan is deformed and out of balance due to the heating of the motor and other reasons. Or foreign objects fall between the fan and the windshield or end cover.

6. Uneven air gap between stator and rotor. When the unevenness of the air gap between the stator and rotor of the motor exceeds the standard, due to the unilateral magnetic pull, the motor will vibrate as the motor has severe low-frequency electromagnetic sound.

7. Vibration caused by friction. When the motor starts or stops, friction occurs between the rotating part and the stationary part, which can also cause the motor to vibrate. Especially when the motor is not properly protected and foreign objects enter the inner cavity of the motor, the situation will be more serious.