What are the reasons and treatment methods for starting or not starting the motor?

Update:06 Mar 2020

  The causes and treatment methods of the motor th […]


The causes and treatment methods of the motor that are difficult or unable to start are as follows:

(1) The fuse of a certain phase is open, the phase is missing, and there is a buzzing sound. If the two-phase fuse is open, the motor does not move and is silent. Find out the cause of the fuse blowout and replace it with a new one.
(2) The power supply voltage is too low, or the voltage is reduced too much during starting. The former should find the reason; the latter should appropriately increase the starting pressure drop. If an auto-coupled pressure reducing starter is used, the tap can be changed to increase the starting voltage.

(3) The stator winding or rotor winding is open, or the winding rotor brush is not in contact with the slip ring. It should be checked and repaired.

(4) The stator windings are short-circuited or grounded, and can be checked with a megohmmeter.

(5) The stator winding is incorrectly connected. If the triangle is connected to a star in error, or the head and end are connected in reverse, check and correct.

(6) The stator and the rotor core rub against each other.

(7) The bearing is damaged or stuck, the bearing should be replaced.

(8) The load is too heavy. Reduce the load.

(9) Mechanical failure, the operation of the belt-operated machinery is not flexible, or it cannot be rotated.

(10) The belt is over-tightened and the friction is intensified. The belt tension should be adjusted.

(11) There is an error or failure in the wiring of the starting equipment, check and correct, and eliminate the failure.