What are the motor classification methods?

Update:29 Jun 2019

There are thousands of types of electric motors, such a […]

There are thousands of types of electric motors, such as synchronous, asynchronous, series excitation, and shunting. The various terms are divided. What criteria are they divided? Which are classified according to the same standard?

The simplest, according to the working power: AC motor and DC motor. Among them, AC motors can be divided into three-phase and single-phase motors. Please note here that Li Hui said that the single-phase and three-phase fingers here are different voltages, which are different from single-phase and three-phase of brushless motors. The number of waveforms. DC motors can also be divided into brushless DC motors (electronic commutation) and brushed DC motors (carbon brush commutation).

If divided according to structure and working principle, it can be divided into DC motor, asynchronous motor and synchronous motor. The biggest difference between synchronous and asynchronous is to see whether the rotor speed of the door is consistent with the magnetic field speed of the stator. If the rotational speed of the rotor is the same as that of the stator, it is called synchronous motor. If it is inconsistent, it is called asynchronous motor synchronous motor. . The AC induction motor we often say is also a kind of asynchronous motor.