What are the main issues to be aware of when using a stepper motor?

Update:28 Apr 2019

answer: (1) The advantages and disadvantages of the dri […]


(1) The advantages and disadvantages of the driving power supply have great influence on the operation of the stepping motor control system. Pay special attention when using it. According to the operation requirements, the advanced driving power supply should be used as much as possible to meet the running performance of the stepping motor.

(2) If the load has a large moment of inertia, it should be started at low frequency and then rise to the working frequency. When stopping, it should also be lowered from the working frequency to the appropriate frequency and then stopped.

(3) In the course of work, errors due to sudden changes in load should be avoided as much as possible.

(4) If the out-of-step phenomenon occurs during the working process, first check whether the load is too large, whether the power supply voltage is normal, and then check whether the output waveform of the driving power supply is normal. The component should not be replaced casually when dealing with the problem.