What are the inspection items of the motor rotor assembly?

Update:25 May 2020

  Motor rotor assembly inspection items: 1 Appeara […]


Motor rotor assembly inspection items:

1 Appearance quality

The surface of the sample is smooth without scratches, rust, burrs, or burrs. The surface of the rotor wheel should be coated with anti-rust paint. The lines of magnetic force are clear, without broken lines, curves, sand holes, and the aluminum injection ring is filled with aluminum.

2 size

The dimensions of the rotor and shaft should meet the relevant technical requirements and drawings.

3 Shaft inspection

The thread and direction of rotation shall meet the requirements of the drawings. The rotation of the rotating shaft should be ≤0.03mm.

4 Concentricity test.

Place the concentricity meter on a horizontal surface, fix the rotor on the test fixture, adjust the height of the dial indicator, and use the dial indicator to test the rotor runout should be ≤0.03mm.

5 Shaft core hardness

(1) Measure the shaft core with Rockwell hardness tester, the hardness value is 18 ~ 25HRC.

(2) Component detection: Rotating shaft, iron core, and cast aluminum are used for component analysis.

6 Rotor salt spray test

Put the rotor in a salt spray test chamber with a temperature of 35 degrees and a concentration of 5%. After 24 hours of salt spray, there should be no rust or rust spots that cannot be washed.

7 Drop test

The rotor is placed vertically, and the end of the shaft extension is 300 ± 20mm away from a horizontal solid plane (such as a thick steel plate above 20mm). It can fall freely once, and the displacement between the rotor core and the shaft should be less than 0.2mm.

8 Whole machine test

Install the rotor into the relative model motor, then load and test speed should meet the requirements.