What are the advantages of brushless DC motors?

Update:08 Mar 2021

The brushless DC motor is composed of a motor body and […]

The brushless DC motor is composed of a motor body and a driver, and is a typical mechatronic product. The stator windings of motors are mostly made into three-phase symmetrical star connection, which is very similar to three-phase asynchronous motors. Magnetized permanent magnets are glued to the rotor of the motor. In order to detect the polarity of the motor rotor, a position sensor is installed in the motor. The driver is composed of power electronics and integrated circuits. Its function is to receive the start, stop, and brake signals of the motor to control the start, stop and brake of the motor; to receive the position sensor signal and the forward and reverse signals to control the reverse The on and off of each power tube of the variable bridge produces continuous torque; accepts speed commands and speed feedback signals to control and adjust the speed; provide protection and display, etc.

The characteristics of brushless DC motors include the following:

1. It can replace DC motor speed control, inverter + frequency conversion motor speed control, asynchronous motor + reducer speed control;

2. It has the advantages of the traditional DC motor, and at the same time cancels the carbon brush and slip ring structure;

3. It can run at low speed and high power, eliminating the need for a reducer to directly drive a large load;

4. Small size, light weight, and large output;

5. Excellent torque characteristics, good middle and low speed torque performance, large starting torque and small starting current;

6. Stepless speed regulation, wide speed regulation range and strong overload capacity;

7. Soft start and stop, good braking characteristics, can save the original mechanical braking or electromagnetic braking device;

8. High efficiency, the motor itself has no excitation loss and carbon brush loss, eliminating the multi-stage deceleration loss, and the comprehensive power saving rate can reach 20%~60%.

9. High reliability, good stability, strong adaptability, simple repair and maintenance;

10. Resistance to turbulence and vibration, low noise, low vibration, smooth operation and long life;

11. No sparks, especially suitable for explosive places, with explosion-proof type;

12. Trapezoidal wave magnetic field motor and sine wave magnetic field motor can be selected as required.