Trial production of aluminum motor and analysis of its advantages and disadvantages

Update:18 May 2021

    Compared with the iron shell motor, the aluminum sh […]

    Compared with the iron shell motor, the aluminum shell motor has stronger heat dissipation, and the motor has the characteristics of light weight, low vibration, low noise, and also has the characteristics of moisture-proof, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, environmental protection and energy saving, excellent performance, high efficiency, and long service life. Aluminum shell motors are irreplaceable new energy-saving products for general iron shell motors, and the sales market demand is gradually increasing.

    In order to consider customer satisfaction and analyze the sales market trend carefully, the geared motor has been prepared to trial-produce a variety of aluminum housing motors in advance in 17 years and gradually enter the market. So what are the advantages of aluminum housing motors?

    1. During the whole process of the motor working, because of the high-speed operation, the excessively high temperature caused by the motor itself must be released, and the aluminum has a strong heat removal capacity, which is very suitable for the natural environment of outdoor work.

    2. The aluminum motor casing is beautiful and generous, not easy to rust, is conducive to production, processing, and manufacturing, saves production costs, and is suitable for a variety of easily erosive places. .

    3. The aluminum shell motor has good plasticity, good heat transfer, aluminum die-casting, good plasticity, and higher tensile strength than iron.

    4. The aluminum motor has the advantages of beautiful and generous appearance design, small size, light weight, simple structure, convenient maintenance, environmental protection in the processing process, high efficiency in production and manufacturing, and is conducive to transportation, and is warmly welcomed by customers.

    Defects and solutions of aluminum motor:

    Because the aluminum shell does not conduct the magnetic field, the relativity of the equivalent circuit of the forehead of the motor is higher than that of the iron shell motor, and the magnetic field force wave is very relativity: these two characteristics cause the noise of the aluminum shell motor to be very large, which is higher for manufacturing and manufacturing. High-quality goods increase the difficulty coefficient of processing technology.