Tips for motor selection

Update:26 Jul 2018

1.Type selection Which kind of motor type should be sel […]

1.Type selection

Which kind of motor type should be selected on the one hand, on the one hand, according to the mechanical characteristics of the motor, the starting function, the speed regulation performance, the brake preparation, the overload capability, etc.; on the other hand, it is necessary to invest from the initial stage of the province. Reduce economic integration and other economic aspects. Under the condition that there is no extraordinary request for the performances such as starting and reading speed, the three-phase asynchronous cage motor is preferred.

2. Power selection

When selecting the rated power of the motor, the additional power of the selected motor should be the power required by the consumer or the consumer. It can neither be overloaded nor long-term light load. Analogy, statistical methods, test methods, and calculation methods must be used.

3. Voltage selection

The extra voltage of the exchange motor should be chosen to be different from the voltage of the power supply grid. The extra voltage of the DC motor is also matched to the supply voltage, often operating at 110 V or 220 V. High-power DC motors can be advanced to 600 - 800 V to 1000

4. Speed selection

According to the speed and transmission of the consumer machinery. After the economic technology comparison, the additional speed of the motor must be determined. The extra speed of the motor with different power is higher, the lower the motor volume, the weight of the summer and the lower the cost, the popular flywheel moment