The motor causes overheating of the load 1

Update:20 Feb 2019

1. Motor overload operation When the equipment is not m […]

1. Motor overload operation

When the equipment is not matched and the load power of the motor is greater than the rated power of the motor, the long-term overload operation of the motor (ie, the small horse-drawn cart) will cause the motor to overheat. When repairing the overheated motor, first check whether the load power matches the motor power to prevent blind and unintentional disassembly.

2. The mechanical load of the drag is not working properly.

Although the equipment is matched, the mechanical load that is dragged is not working properly. When the load is large, the load is large and the motor is overloaded and generates heat.

3, the dragging machinery is faulty

When the machine being dragged is faulty, the rotation is inflexible or stuck, it will overload the motor and cause the motor winding to overheat. Therefore, when the motor is overheated, the load factor cannot be ignored.