The Galileo Ferrari and the Importance of AC Motors

Update:24 May 2021

The Galileo Ferrari and the Importance of AC Motors AC […]

The Galileo Ferrari and the Importance of AC Motors

AC Motors, as their name suggests, are used in AC vehicles (an electric motor is generally considered to be able to function only in an air-conditioned environment). These machines have provided everything from illumination to refrigeration, to even superfast electric cars, all via converting electrical energy into mechanical motion on the input side. There are various kinds of electric motors, but the AC motor remains ubiquitous in industry because of its timeless performance and its sleek sophistication. The kind of AC motor you need depends largely on your application:

The common single phase motor, the one we are talking about here, has a winding wound by a magnet. The magnet provides the electrical energy needed for the motor to turn, with the winding acting as the magnetic field that causes rotation to the AC motor's axle. Induction motors are AC motors that use the induction principle; the idea is that a permanent magnet induces rotation into the AC electric motor casing by heating the inside of the casing. Single phase motors can generally be fitted onto a car's alternator or battery cables (in this case, the power supplied to the motor is independent of the battery's state of charge, since the induction motor is not 'dedicated' to any one single function).

Galileo Ferraris is a vehicle that exemplifies the usefulness of these motors; the Galileo Ferrari is an AC Electric Vehicle (EV) that has been constructed with a special three-phase AC Motor that generates braking force independent of the car's electric system. This special feature allows the car to accelerate even when the AC motor is switched off, making it the only EV to do so. Although the AC Motor powering the Galileo Ferrari isn't very big (and the entire system consumes less than a tenth of a watt), the effect of such a motor is colossal: it generates more torque than an average sedan, more than three times the engine's power, and weighs just over six hundred grams. With all those advantages, the only downside might be the relatively high price tag attached to the AC Motor component, but that's little concern for the millions who will be able to drive around in a sleek, stylish and technologically advanced EV that doesn't burn fossil fuel.