The main cause of DC motor sparks

Update:10 Dec 2018

There are many reasons for the occurrence of reversing […]

There are many reasons for the occurrence of reversing sparks. It is necessary to find the main reason among many factors in order to discharge faults and improve commutation. Check the method of the cause of the deterioration of the commutation. Normally referred to as the normalization check and adjustment of the commutation condition, it is a commonly used method in DC motor commutation accident processing. The principle is as follows.

When a DC motor is just put into operation or in the past, the commutation has been normal, and in the subsequent operation, it gradually deteriorates or suddenly deteriorates, indicating that the motor is in sliding contact, the motor structure and the motor before the commutation deteriorates. The working conditions of the motor components are normal.

During the operation of the motor, the working state of some components has changed, or the surrounding environment has changed, thereby destroying the sliding contact and changing the normal commutation state, resulting in deterioration of the commutation. If these factors affecting the commutation of the motor are thoroughly checked and adjusted so that they can return to their original normal state, the commutation will return to normal.

The commutation normalization check is a common method for the DC motor to find the cause of the reversal accident and to eliminate the fault. It includes the following main items:

1. Commutator inter-chip resistance measurement

2. Commutator swing measurement

3. Brush neutral surface inspection

4. Check and adjust the pole distance, brush play and air gap

5. Brush and brush grip performance check