Soft parking of the motor.

Update:26 Nov 2018

When the motor is stopped, the traditional control meth […]

When the motor is stopped, the traditional control method is completed by an instantaneous power failure. However, there are many applications that do not allow the motor to shut down instantaneously. For example, the high-rise building, the pump system of the building, if it is stopped in an instant, will have a huge "water hammer" effect, causing damage to the pipes and even the water pump. In order to reduce and prevent the "water hammer" effect, it is necessary to gradually stop the motor, that is, soft stop, and the soft starter can meet this requirement. In the pumping station, the application of soft parking technology can avoid the "shooting" damage of the pumping station, reducing maintenance costs and maintenance workload.

The soft stop function in the soft starter is that the thyristor gradually reduces the conduction angle from the full conduction after the stop command is obtained, and transitions to the fully closed process after a certain period of time. The parking time can be adjusted from 0 to 120s according to actual needs.