New wearable heat conduction generator can charge mobile phone

Update:11 May 2018

Korean researchers have developed a new energy collecti […]

Korean researchers have developed a new energy collection system that collects energy as we move. We only need to attach the system to clothes, windows, and the building's exterior walls so that it can generate electricity.

In the future, the wear of solar heat conduction generators will become popular and become a must-have for wardrobes. The generator can provide power for a variety of devices, such as smart phones, smart glasses, energy from heat, light, sound, vibration, and movement. Breakthroughs in new technologies have resulted in higher power generation efficiency for generators, and new technologies have increased efficiency by expanding temperature differentials.

Kyoung Jin Choi, a professor at the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea, led the team to a breakthrough in developing devices that collect electricity based on temperature changes (conversion between heat and cold). With the new technology, the temperature difference can be expanded to 20.9 degrees Celsius. Wear heat-conducting generators have previously appeared, but the temperature difference is generally between 1.5 and 4.1 degrees Celsius.

The generator converts the heat flow (ie temperature difference) into electricity, which is transformed by the so-called "Seebeck effect". Power plants are also considering deploying such generators on a large scale, converting waste heat into electricity.

In order to increase the efficiency of the generator, the professor installed a local solar absorber on the substrate. The solar absorber is a 5-cycle Ti/MgF2 supercrystalline grid with a total of 5 layers that can absorb more solar energy. In this way, the temperature difference will be expanded, and it can provide enough power for wearing electronic devices.