Motor detailed classification

Update:14 Jun 2019

1.DC motor DC motors can be divided according to struct […]

1.DC motor

DC motors can be divided according to structure and working principle: brushless DC motor and brushed DC motor. Brushed DC motors can be divided into: permanent magnet DC motors and electromagnetic DC motors. Electromagnetic DC motor division: series-excited DC motor, shunt DC motor, separately excited DC motor and compound excitation DC motor. Permanent magnet DC motor division: rare earth permanent magnet DC motor, ferrite permanent magnet DC motor and AlNiCo permanent magnet DC motor.

2. AC motor.

AC motors can also be divided into: asynchronous motors, synchronous motors. Synchronous motors can be divided into: permanent magnet synchronous motors, reluctance synchronous motors and hysteresis synchronous motors. Asynchronous motors can be divided into: induction motors and AC commutator motors, three-phase asynchronous motors, single-phase asynchronous motors and six-phase asynchronous motors. Single-phase asynchronous motors are divided according to starting and running modes: capacitor-starting single-phase asynchronous motor, capacitor-operated single-phase asynchronous motor, and capacitor-starting single-phase asynchronous motor

3. AC and DC motor

Single-phase series-excited motors are commonly known as AC commutator motors. Single-phase series-excited motors can also work with AC power. They can also work with DC.

4. Secondly, according to the working voltage, there are high voltage motor and low voltage motor.

There are high voltage motors (voltages over 1000V collectively referred to as high voltage motors), low voltage motors