Mixer motor selection and regular maintenance knowledge

Update:06 Jul 2018

Most of the mixer motor adopts multi-stage motor, adopt […]

Most of the mixer motor adopts multi-stage motor, adopts direct-connected structure, low energy consumption and high efficiency; the impeller is precision-cast or stamped, with high precision and large thrust. The mixer resumes operation after continuous operation, intermittent operation and long-term stop state under the specified conditions. The mixer can maintain stable operation throughout the operation. The average running time before the first failure is not less than 10,000 hours, and the service life of the whole machine is not less than 20 years. In combination with the aeration system of the sewage plant, the energy consumption of the system can be greatly reduced, and the oxygenation amount is obviously improved, which can effectively prevent precipitation. According to the process requirements, direct-coupled submersible mixing can be equipped with a shroud.

In order to make the mixer strengthen the stirring function and prevent sludge sedimentation, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance on the mixer:

1. Check the direction of rotation.

2. Check if the oil quantity and oil are good and sufficient.

3. Check if the function of the starting device is normal and safe.

6. Check for looseness at all screw joints.

7. Check whether the lifting device and the guide rod are worn or not.

8. Check if the electrical insulation is good.