Hub Motor:

Update:04 Apr 2019

The hub motor can be divided into brushed and brushless […]

The hub motor can be divided into brushed and brushless permanent magnets. Nowadays, there are more brushless permanent magnets. If two non-brush permanent magnet hub motors are installed on the car, two brushless controllers are needed. It is difficult to realize a brushless controller to control two brushless motors based on the principle of the brushless motor.


If the two controllers are two without brush When one of the motors has a problem, a serious accident will occur. The best solution is to have one central controller to control two or four brushless controllers to control the hub motor. However, this technology is difficult and the development cycle is long. The corresponding controller product. The hub motor is currently mainly used in the field of motor bicycles and electric motorcycles.


There is no general-purpose wheel motor for electric vehicles. Only a few companies are in the study. The motor has a mutual rotating surface, so the sealing is difficult, and the vehicle wading ability is not strong; the hub motor generally only passes the tire first-stage vibration damping, the system requires a large maximum vibration acceleration of the motor, and the fatigue life requirement is high; The moment of inertia of the wheel affects the acceleration performance of the vehicle.