How to remove the motor

Update:29 Sep 2019

  In life, when we encounter a bad motor, we want […]


In life, when we encounter a bad motor, we want to disassemble, how to do it? Let the motor manufacturer tell you below.

(1) First remove the external wiring of the motor and mark it. For example, for the asynchronous motor, the marking corresponding to the three-phase power line should be made. For the DC motor, the winding and armature winding should be separately prepared. The corresponding mark for the external wiring. Then loosen the foot screw to separate the motor from the drive mechanism.

(2) Use the tool shown to disassemble the pulley or coupling on the motor shaft. Sometimes it is necessary to add some kerosene to the gap between the motor shafts of the pulley to make it permeate and lubricate for easy disassembly. Some shafts and wheels are tightly fitted, and the wheel needs to be heated quickly (while wrapping the shaft with a damp cloth) to remove the wheel.

(3) For the motor equipped with the rolling bearing, first remove the bearing cover, then loosen the fastening screw of the end cover, and mark the joint between the end cover and the casing of the base (both front and rear end caps) The markings should not be the same. Screw the removed fastening end cap screws into the two screw holes specially provided on the motor end cover to push the end cap out. In the case of a motor without such a screw hole, only the tweezers (also called flat shovel) and the hammer can be used to strike the joint between the end cover and the base, and the end cover is removed from the base. If the end cap is heavy, use the lifting equipment to lift the end cap and remove it step by step.

(4) When disassembling the motor with the brush, the brush should be taken out from the brush holder. For the DC motor, the position of the neutral line of the brush should be marked.

(5) When extracting the rotor, care must be taken not to damage the stator coil. If the weight of the rotor is not large, it can be pulled out by hand. If the weight is large, it should be lifted with lifting equipment. The super-steps are shown in Figure 1-4. Show. Firstly, the two ends of the rotor shaft are sheathed with a lifting wire rope to lift the rotor with lifting equipment, and slowly removed, taking care to prevent the coil from being damaged. Then, a steel pipe is placed on one end of the shaft. In order to prevent the steel pipe from scratching the journal, a thick cardboard is placed on the steel pipe to continuously remove the rotor. When the center of gravity of the rotor has been moved outside the stator, at the rotor shaft end Under the support of a bracket, the wire rope is placed in the middle of the rotor, and the rotor can be completely extracted.