How to maintain a brushless DC motor?

Update:01 Mar 2021

When you buy a brushless DC motor, have you thought of […]

When you buy a brushless DC motor, have you thought of how to maintain it? The editor will introduce you to the maintenance method of the motor, and hope to help you!

   1. Familiar with the structural characteristics and maintenance technical requirements of brushless DC motors;

   2. Check in detail the temperature, sound, vibration, etc. of each part of the motor, and test the voltage, current, speed, etc., and make a record;

  3. Blow off the dust on the surface of the motor with compressed air, and wipe the dirt on the surface of the motor;

   4. Cut off the power supply, remove the external wiring of the motor, select a suitable megohmmeter to test the insulation resistance of the motor, and make a record.

The brushless DC motor has good stability, strong adaptability, simple repair and maintenance. Everyone has mastered the above-mentioned repair methods of the motor, and can use the motor more proficiently, effectively extending the service life of the motor.