How to dry DC gear motor after moisture

Update:02 Nov 2020

The DC geared motor will not be used for a long time. A […]

The DC geared motor will not be used for a long time. After restarting, you can see that the insulation resistance of the geared motor winding decreases. Especially during the rainy season, if the humidity of the air is high, the insulation value may become zero. At this point it should be dry. Set the insulation resistance and absorption rate to the specified values. Some drying methods are:

1. How to dry the electric welder

1. How to dry AC welder Before operating, connect the winding terminals of the damping gear motor in series, ground the casing to heat and dry the 3 sets of windings, and the operating current. Drying process. Use only an ammeter to observe if the current reaches the rated current of the gear motor. The workload is reduced because there is no need to disassemble the DC gear motor to dry it using an AC welder. At the same time, the gear motor uses its own heat resistance when energized, so the coil is heated evenly and the drying effect is improved.

2. The drying method of the DC welder is the same as AC, and the string ammeter must be a DC ammeter. Drying the vibrating damper motor using a DC welder is easy to operate and allows you to dry large and medium size gear motors and high voltage gear motors for a long time. In this way, when the electric welding machine operates for a long time or operates with a large current, the large and medium-sized gear motor can be used for a long time because the long-time high-current operation does not damage the internal parts. I can do it. Keep in mind that all seams must be in good contact and secured when drying with these two methods. The wire of the welder must use a special weld wire and its cross-sectional size must meet the current carrying capacity of the welder. Pay attention to the cooling of the transformer attached to the welder, and make sure that the insulation resistance of the geared motor is 0.1 MΩ or more. Also, pay close attention to the temperature of the winding motor and adjust the voltage and current in time.

2. How to heat an external heat source

After disassembling the dehumidified DC gear motor for the first time, bake it in a gear motor equipped with a high-power incandescent bulb or place it in a drying chamber to dry it. This method is easy to operate, safe and reliable, but is only suitable for small gear motors that are easy to disassemble. For large and medium gears that are difficult to disassemble, the workload is relatively large and workability is reduced. When using this method, do not bring the valve or heat source too close to the coil to prevent the coil from burning out. You can also cover the gear motor housing cover with a tarp. Used for heat retention.

3. How to dry the excitation coil.

In the excitation coil drying method, an excitation coil is wound around the fixed coil core of a reduction motor, an alternating current is introduced to generate magnetic flux in the fixture, and the fixture fixture is dried depending on the loss of iron. Reduction motor.