How to choose the best equipped engine model?

Update:14 Dec 2020

DC gear motors come in a variety of specifications and […]

DC gear motors come in a variety of specifications and models, each with their own advantages and can meet the needs of different environments and industries. However, how to choose a model has always been a problem for many users. List them as a professional manufacturer of DC motors. Click on the factors you need to take into consideration, and I hope they help you with your choice.

1. Before purchasing, define the DC motor use and application scenarios and list environmental requirements.

2. First, decide which type of direct current reducer you need, including low power, high torque, low speed, noise, power consumption, variables, and other power and performance requirements.

3. Determine the output shaft torque of the DC motor, the safe transmission method, and the maintenance method.

4. Speed and reduction ratio of the drive input shaft.

5. Select the DC gear motor according to the flange size. If the output shaft torque is insufficient, return 2 to match. Otherwise, it returns 0.

6. Whether the operating temperature is met, the backlash, etc. (can also be set in the first step).