How is the motor running fault judged and eliminated?

Update:03 Jan 2020

There are many reasons for the failure of Motor. Moreov […]

There are many reasons for the failure of Motor. Moreover, the failure phenomenon caused by different reasons is often similar, so it is a complicated and meticulous job to correctly analyze the cause of the failure of Motor, and it is also important for timely troubleshooting.

After the operation of Motor fails, we must first conduct a thorough investigation. It is necessary to listen carefully to the feedback from the staff who use this motor, and to fully understand the specifications and structure of motors as well as the operation of motors before failure, such as the size of the load, the temperature rise, No sound, etc. Second, we must carefully observe the failure phenomenon, and then analyze it.

If it is not suitable to turn on the power again, you can disassemble Motor and observe the internal conditions. Finally, based on the investigation and observation of the phenomenon, based on the basic theory and work experience, analysis and judgment are made. Determine the cause of the failure from the main symptoms of the failure. On the basis of preliminary analysis, further investigation, observation or necessary tests and measurements can determine the cause of the failure and the location of the damage. The common operating faults of Motor include two types: one is a fault that occurs during starting, and the other is a fault that occurs during operation.