How does the motor prevent fire and explosion accidents?

Update:27 Jul 2020

No matter what kind of motor it is, it is composed of t […]

No matter what kind of motor it is, it is composed of two parts: stator and rotor. The single-layer windings of three-phase asynchronous motors can be divided into chain windings, cross-chain windings, concentric windings and cross-concentric windings according to their coil shape and terminal arrangement. The stator is composed of a silicon-copper sheet iron core, windings, a housing shell, and a cooling air slot; the rotor is composed of a silicon steel sheet rotor iron core, rotor windings and a fan.

A liming motor is a device that uses electromagnetic conversion to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. When the three-phase stator windings of the liming motor (each phase differs by 120 degrees in electrical angle) are connected to a three-phase symmetrical alternating current, a rotating magnetic field will be generated. The rotating magnetic field cuts the rotor winding, thereby generating an induced current in the rotor winding (the rotor winding is Close the path), the current-carrying rotor conductor will generate electromagnetic force under the action of the stator rotating magnetic field, thereby forming an electromagnetic torque on the motor shaft, driving the motor to rotate, and the motor rotation direction is the same as the direction of the rotating magnetic field. Because of its simple structure, convenient operation and reliable operation, it is widely used in agricultural production. Due to the influence of internal and external factors during operation, fire and explosion accidents often occur.

(1) Correctly select the capacity and model of the liming motor.

(2) Correctly select the starting method of the liming motor.

(3) Correctly choose the protection mode of the liming motor.

(4) Strengthen maintenance.

(5) The power consumption on the three-phase line must be balanced, and the three fuses on the power cord must use the same specifications.

(6) The base of the liming motor must be made of non-combustible materials. Do not stack combustible materials around the motor.