How are the motor shaft and housing housing holes and other parts cleaned?

Update:27 Dec 2019

During the lifetime of a bearing, there will always be […]

During the lifetime of a bearing, there will always be times when cleaning is needed, especially for relatively expensive bearings, and long life will necessarily require many times of cleaning.

When you find that the wheels are turning, the bearings are making a loud noise, or the speed is gradually slowing down, you need to clean.

Motor shaft and bearing housing hole cleaning and other parts cleaning:

Clean with gasoline or kerosene, wipe with a dry cloth, and then apply a small amount of oil to facilitate installation. After cleaning these parts, care should be taken to completely remove the molding sand on the castings; if there are burr sharp corners on the parts that cooperate with the bearing, it must be removed to prevent residual sand and metal debris from falling into the bearing during installation, which affects Assembly quality.


For bearings with separable inner and outer rings, do not interchange the outer rings with each other to avoid affecting the contact quality. For self-aligning ball and spherical roller bearings, the rolling elements in the bearing must not be arbitrarily taken out and mixed, so as to prevent the installation position from being disordered and affecting the accuracy.

When installing the bearing, in order to make it easier to see the bearing code and not to make mistakes, the type of the bearing ring should be placed and installed outwards.