Geared Motors Analysis of Rolling Motor Selection

Update:07 Dec 2020

The principle of speed selection for a reduction motor […]

The principle of speed selection for a reduction motor is to bring it as close as possible to the speed of the production machine. Common imports are much more expensive than domestic imports, which are an economical option. Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are more expensive than the mainland. Gear motors come in two types of cages and windings. It doesn't matter if the import is still done in China. Most manufacturers have their own naming specifications. In today's reducer market, it is best to look for a sample of a gear motor and make a selection based on the original sample.

The choice of output for a gear motor is determined by the production machine, that is, the choice of output. It depends on the power required for the load. The motor output required for the gear motor is as follows. Motor output = torque ÷ 9550 input power Motor speed idle rate ÷ operating coefficient.

 The winding torque of the winding reduction motor is large. However, planning is complex, and commissioning and maintenance are complex. It is used only in places where high starting torque is required, such as lifting equipment, and can also be used in mechanical equipment that requires proper speed adjustment.

Cage geared motors are simple plans, simple repairs, and low prices. In general, production machines can be selected for no-load or light-load starting and the starting current is small.