Elevator motor selection synchronous motor reasons

Update:15 Jun 2018

Synchronous motor is characterized by constant speed, m […]

Synchronous motor is characterized by constant speed, motor rotation n, speed and magnetic field magnetic pole pair p, frequency f, there is a strict relationship between: n = 60f / p, when the magnetic pole logarithm p is determined, the motor speed is always synchronized with the frequency , increase or decrease with frequency;

Although the speed of the asynchronous motor also follows the principle of n=60f/p, the speed of the asynchronous motor is always less than n=60f/p. The level of the voltage of the load has a certain influence on the speed. Synchronous motor is characterized by stable speed, but the complex structure of synchronous motor, cost, operating costs, maintenance costs are higher than the asynchronous motor;

Can only be used where there are special requirements. The asynchronous motor is an ordinary motor, and its structure is simple. The cost, running cost, and maintenance cost are all lower than that of the synchronous motor. If there is no special requirement, the asynchronous motor is used.

The biggest advantage of synchronous motors is that the speed is determined by the frequency and is not affected by the voltage, because the frequency of the grid is not easy to change; although the speed of the asynchronous motor is also determined by the frequency, the speed of the single-asynchronous motor is easily affected by the voltage, and the speed is changed with the voltage.

The status quo of motor maintenance: The current motor maintainer has been developed from the past mechanical type to electronic and intelligent type. It can directly show the current, voltage, temperature and other parameters of the motor. It has high sensitivity, high reliability, many functions, and convenient debugging. As soon as the maintenance measures are implemented, it is known that the varieties will not only reduce the damage of the motor, but also greatly facilitate the identification of defects, which will be conducive to the disposal of defects at the production site and shorten the recovery and production time.

In addition, the use of motor air gap magnetic field motor partial pain detection skills, make the motor wear and tear on-line monitoring possible, after the curve shows the degree of motor partial pain changes, early detection of bearing wear and take the inner circle, take the outer circle and other problems To achieve early detection, early disposal and prevent broom attacks.