Elevator motor requires frequent starting and braking

Update:13 Mar 2018

Because of the requirements of elevators, there is a bi […]

Because of the requirements of elevators, there is a big difference between elevator motors and industrial motors. The main differences are:
(1) Starting current: The elevator motor is 350%, and the industrial motor is 600%.
(2) Torque: The elevator motor is 60% (butt), while the industrial motor is 180% (△).
(3) When accelerating, elevator motor torque and starting current are basically constant in order to improve elevator comfort.
(4) Different working systems for elevator motors and industrial motors.
(5) Industrial motors often use Y-△ start control, but in modern elevator motors often do not use Y-△ switching start control method.
(6) The advantage of elevator motors is that they are installed in a room with higher protection than industrial motors. The protection class is Ip21, while the industrial motor is Ip44-54.
(7) In order to ensure the environment of houses and offices, the elevator motor noise requirements are higher than those of industrial motors.
For 15kW motors, 80dB for industrial motors and 70dB for elevator motors.
(8) The elevator motor requires frequent starting and braking, so there is a great difference in the structure and the industrial motor, such as the DM series motor with brake, the rotor of the AC elevator motor with an intermediate short circuit ring and so on.
(9) Because of different uses, medical elevators require a higher degree of smoothness, and freight elevators require a load. Because of the reason of control, such as adopting frequency conversion speed regulation, this puts forward other requirements for the elevator motor.
(10) DC elevator motors, often used in high-speed ladders, are gearless connections with a large load of up to 10 t. They provide the best comfort during operation, but they have complex structures, difficult manufacturing, and high prices.
(11) Elevator motors often use a variety of fans.
(12) For hydraulic elevators, 2p, three-phase 5~40kW motors are often used. All motors are immersed in oil and cooled by oil. This type of motor is a submersible motor.
(13) There is also a door opener in the elevator motor, which is small in size and is used for opening the door of the elevator. It is actually a torque motor.