DC motor generates heat or smoke and repair methods

Update:01 Feb 2021

What should we do when the heating temperature of the D […]

What should we do when the heating temperature of the DC motor exceeds the temperature rise standard or smokes after the start?

Possible causes of heating or smoking of DC motor:

(1) The power supply voltage is too low, and the temperature rise of the DC motor under the rated load is too high.

(2) The DC motor has poor ventilation or high ambient humidity.

(3) The DC motor is overloaded or single-phase operation.

(4) The DC motor starts frequently or has too many forward and reverse rotations.

(5) The stator and rotor rub against each other.


(1) Measure the no-load and load voltage.

(2) Check the DC motor fan and clean up the ventilation duct, strengthen ventilation and reduce the ambient temperature.

(3) Treat symptomatically after checking the current of each phase with a clamp ammeter.

(4) Reduce the number of forward and reverse rotations of the DC motor, or replace a DC motor suitable for frequent starting and forward and reverse rotation.

The heating or smoking of the DC motor and the maintenance method are left to you. In the future, when you encounter this situation, you will not be at a loss and can solve it smoothly.