Brushless DC motors are widely used

Update:22 Feb 2021

Brushless DC motors are widely used Brushless DC motors […]

Brushless DC motors are widely used

Brushless DC motors are widely used, such as automobiles, tools, industrial control, automation, and aerospace. In general, brushless DC motors can be divided into the following three main uses:

Continuous load applications: Mainly in areas that require a certain speed but do not require high speed accuracy, such as applications such as fans, pumps, and hair dryers. Such applications are low-cost and mostly open-loop control.

Variable load applications: Mainly applications where the speed needs to be changed within a certain range, and there is a higher demand for motor speed characteristics and dynamic response time characteristics. Such as household appliances, dryers and compressors are good examples. In the automotive industry, oil pump control, electric controller, engine control, etc., the system cost of such applications is relatively higher.

Positioning application: Most industrial control and automatic control applications belong to this category. This type of application often completes energy transmission, so there are special requirements for the dynamic response and torque of the speed, and the requirements for the controller are also higher. . Photoelectric and some synchronization equipment may be used for speed measurement. Process control, machinery control, and transportation control are many of these applications.

The practical new brushless DC motor is closely related to the development of electronic technology, microelectronic technology, digital technology, automatic control technology and material science. It is not limited to the AC and DC fields, but also involves the fields of energy conversion and signal sensing for electric and power generation. There are many new types of brushless motors in the motor field, but due to price constraints, brushless motors with excellent performance are not widely used.