Brushed series motor (Series Motor):

Update:13 Apr 2019

The motor motor commonly used in China today has the ad […]

The motor motor commonly used in China today has the advantage of simple control. The series-excited DC motor has soft mechanical characteristics, the speed varies greatly with load, the load is light and fast, the load is heavy and the speed is slow, and the torque is proportional to the square of the armature current. The starting torque is larger than the shunt motor. The transport drag machine is required to have a particularly large starting torque and no requirement for torque stability.

Shunt Motor: The shunt motor has hard mechanical characteristics, and the torque changes proportionally with the armature current. Under the same conditions, the starting torque is smaller than the series excitation motor, which is suitable for the stable speed requirement. A load that has no special requirements for starting torque. The vehicle speed can be improved by weak magnetic technology, etc. At present, the domestic application is less due to the high cost and technical difficulty of the motor controller.

For the motor factory, the cost and price of the separately excited motor and the series excitation motor are generally the same, except that the excitation winding method is different. At present, Kelly's price of the separately excited motor controller assembly is cheaper than that of the series motor controller assembly (mainly because the series motor needs a reversing contactor, the separately excited motor can be commutated by the controller, saving the reversing contact Cost), already suitable for high volume applications.

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