Analyze the difference between a torque motor and a servo motor

Update:10 May 2021

Analyze the difference between a torque motor and a ser […]

Analyze the difference between a torque motor and a servo motor

    The torque motor is an open-loop transfer function current flow working mode, which is a very simple working mode, but because the actual effect of the manipulation is the rotating torque, it is often used in relatively simple and less detailed torque manipulation places. Servo motor (including magnetic induction type and rare earth permanent magnet type) is a closed-loop control high-precision working mode, which can manipulate the speed ratio, position and torque mode, with high linearity and fast response. The price of the two motors is very different.

    Torque motor is a special motor with soft mechanical equipment characteristics and wide speed range. The shaft of this type of motor does not output driving force with constant output power but only outputs driving force with constant torque. Torque motors include: DC power torque motors, communication AC torque motors and brushed motors DC power torque motors. The main feature of the torque motor is that it has the characteristics of soft mechanical equipment and can turn to turn. When the load torque is expanded, the speed ratio should be automatically reduced, and the output torque should be increased. When the load torque is a certain value, the DC voltage of the motor can be changed. Variable speed.

    As everyone knows, the servo motor is also called the implementation motor. In the fully automatic automatic control system, it is used as the implementation component to convert the received electronic signal into the angular velocity or angular velocity output on the motor shaft. It is divided into two types: DC and AC servo motors. Its main feature is that there is no uniform speed when the data signal working voltage is zero. The speed ratio is reduced with the increase of torque, and the moment of inertia is small, which can be used for precise positioning. .

    The difference between the torque motor and the servo motor is introduced here in detail, and I look forward to helping you to master it. "